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Prunus Ultra White Shampoo (500g)

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3 bottles (500g)
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Ultra White Shampoo is a great fit for dogs with white or bright hair with low allergic reaction. Perfect Ideal Cleansing System whitens stained or contaminated white hairs like shiny snow flakes.


It makes your dog's hair and skin shinier with silk protein and natural extracts (granat, green tea, aloe, and Chrysanthemum flowers).

Completed safety tests for dog skin and eye mucous membrane irritation.
White Snow Shine System protects your dog skin and hair.
Long-lasting delicate and mild fragrance like baby powder.

How to use :
Please wash your dog with warm water and apply a shampoo, and then mildly scrub and rinse it.

Warning :
Please close the cap after use.
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep it in a room temperature and do not put in the sunlight.