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Prunus Skin Care Shampoo 1% (500g)

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3 bottles (500g)
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The skin of dog is weaker than that of people.

So your dog always suffers from skin diseases. This is an innovative shampoo which serves as cleansing, purifying as well as preventing skin diseases, dandruff, skin dryness.

Especially its excellent antimicrobial effect which prevents your dog from getting bacterial contamination contagion from people.


it is very effective in preventing and treating dog skin diseases
Proven Safety through a safety test with dog's skin and eye irritation proves the shampoo to be very safe.
Leaves your dog's skin clean and pure

Thhe shampoo always leaves your dog's skin clean, pure and healthy without bacteria contamination contagion.
It protects your dog's skin.

The test proves to be safe for their skin.

Natural antimicrobial ingredients and moisturizing formula.
It helps to keep your dog's skin healthy and clean.
Natural herb extracts.
It leaves your dog's skin shinny and protects your dog's hair.

How to use :

Wet your dog with warm water and apply a sufficient amount of the shampoo to your dog
Mildly scrub your dog and rinise adequately

Keep this product out of reach of children.