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Petronize Package Vouchers

$400.00 SGD $0.00 SGD
Combo 1 (S$$440)
Combo 2 (S$1,150)
Combo 3 (S$2,400)
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We are launching 3 types of Combo packages to help keep expenses affordable to all Pet Owners while we still give our best in taking care their wellbeing.

How this works every simple and transparent. Here's the steps

1) choose the Combo that you are comfortable, you will be contact upon receive your order by Petronize
(Combo 1 @$400 get value $440; Combo 2 @$1,000 get value $1,150; Combo 3 @$2,000 get value $2,400)

2) subsequent purchases will be offset from the Combo package which you have purchased;

3) to avoid losing the card, there'll be no hard copy card all records will be based on soft copy via whatsapps directly to you