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LOVEABOWL Cat Chicken Base in Broth Canned Food (70g)

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Chicken Base
Salmon (70g)
Chicken (70g)
Barramundi (70g)
Quail Eggs (70g)
Red Snapper (70g)
Shirasu (70g)
Mussel (70g)
7 cans (70g)
12 cans (70g)
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No carrageenan.
No thickening agent.
Fortified with taurine & vitamin E.

Chicken is great choice for fussy eaters. A lean & low-calorie meat. East to digest meat. Rich in protein. An excellent alternative of tuna. Strengthen immune system.

Chicken, Broth, Vitamin E and Taurine.

Chicken is great choice for fussy eaters and Barramundi to protect against heart diseases. A light, flaky and delicious white meat. Pack with heart-healthy Omega-3s. Promote nervous and cardiovascular health

Chicken, Broth, Barramundi, Vitamin E and Taurine.

Red Snapper
Chicken is great choice for fussy eaters and Red Snapper is easily digestible and good for gut. Low-calorie, lean source of protein. Nutrients in snapper support gut health. Easier to digest and improve nutritional absorption.

Chicken, Broth, Red Snapper, Vitamin E and Taurine.

Quail Eggs
Chicken is great choice for fussy eaters and Quail Egg for effective nutrient absorption. Contains Vitamin D, selenium and riboflavin. Vitamin D helps body absorb calcium. Selenium and riboflavin help to breakdown food.

Chicken, Broth, Quail egg, Vitamin E and Taurine.

Chicken is great choice for fussy eaters and Shirasu for healthy bones. Filled with Calcium and Vitamin D. Great for strong bones and teeth. Reduce the risk of arthritis.

Chicken, Broth, Shirasu, Vitamin E and Taurine.

Chicken is an excellent complete protein source for a hearty, strong cat.  Salmon Contains astaxanthin for a robust heart, brain, nervous system and skin. Astaxanthin’s antioxidant properties provide the main source of the health claims.  Vitamin E for healthy skin & shiny coat
Taurine for healthy vision, good digestion, robust heart function. Limited ingredients make it perfect for your food-sensitive cats

Chicken, Broth, Salmon, Vitamin E and Taurine

Chicken is great choice for fussy eaters and Mussel for strong joints. Rich in naturally-occurring such as Omega-3s and glycosaminoglycans. Provides nutrients to reduce joint pain.

Chicken, Broth, Mussel, Vitamin E and Taurine.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (Min) 11%, Crude Fat (Min) 0.6%, Crude Fibre (Max) 1.0%, Moisture Content (Max) 85%.

Feeding Instructions

The amount fed can be adjusted according to your cat's activity level. Feed your cat by dividing all daily meals into 2 or more servings and ensure fresh clean water is available at all times.