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Fussie Cat Natural Charcoal Paper Litter (7L)

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Fussie Cat Natural Litter is biodegradable, non-toxic and dust free. Great for allergy sufferers and ideal for post-operative care. It absorbed three times more moisture than conventional clay litter.

​It's your perfect choice for your family cat or multi-cat families with superior odor control.

Why Fussie Cat Litter is good for my cat?

3x more absorbent
Eliminates odors
Dust free
No tracking
Scoop and flush
Last up to twice as long
Environmental friendly
No pine or cedar oil
Non-toxic (safe if indigest)

Direction Use

1. Introduce

Pour two inch layer of Fussie Cat Litter into a clean litter box. Cover Fussie Cat litter with a thin layer of the litter you are currently using to acclimate your cat to the change. After two or three litter changes, your cat will use Fussie Cat Litter alone.

2. Daily Use

Pour a two inch layer of Fussie Cat Litter into a clean litter box, Fussie Cat Litter is naturally deodorizing and will control odors effectively when without scooping.

3. Scoop & Flush

For best odor control and your cat's comfort, scoop and flush solid waste daily. Fussie Cat Litter are completely biodegradable and flushable in small quantities (1-2 oz per scoop with multiple flushing between).

4. Or Mulch

Used Fussie Cat Litter can be dumped into your compost pile where they will naturally break down into mulch.