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(15% OFF) NATURAL PET® Silvergeine For Cats & Dogs (60ml, 250ml)

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This is a natural formulation containing 30ppm nano particle sized silver ions in purified water. It is non-stinging and non-irritating when applied to open wounds. This solution is manufactured with the latest nanotechnology that produces silver nanoparticles from 99.99% pure silver in purified water. It is a multi-purpose solution suitable for the rapid healing and treatment of cuts, wounds, boils (skin abscesses), burns, abrasions, blisters, bites, skin irritations and post-surgical wounds. Its broad spectrum antimicrobial property is also useful for the treatment of hot spots, ringworm and various skin infections. It is effective for the treatment of mouth and throat conditions such as ulcers, sore gums, tooth decay, oral infections and inflammation.

Non-toxic when ingested
Safe to use around the mouth, nose and eyes
No side effects
Non-allergenic and gentle to sensitive skin
Convenient to use with no dilution or rinsing required
Suitable for all breeds of dog, cat
99.99% pure Nano Silver
Multi-purpose solution for various conditions
Broad spectrum antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
Non-stinging, non-allergenic and non-toxic to human and animals
Remove unpleasant odours
Safe for both topical and oral use

Breed Size: All Breeds
Life Stage: All Stages
Size:  60ml, 250ml
Made In: USA

Nano Silver INGREDIENT : 30ppm