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(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)
(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)
(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)
(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)
(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)
(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)
(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)
(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)
(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)

(10% Off) Big Dog Barf Sensitive (3kg)

Big Dog Sensitive BARF Available 3kg pack with 12 x 250g individual patties. RAW Food for dogs (also known as BARF Bones and RAW Foods Diet or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is loaded with natural raw ingredients to ensure optimum health, wellbeing, and longevity. Big Dog RAW Food diets offer essential balanced nutrition, based on the natural instinct of your dog. RAW Food contains the fi
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Big Dog Sensitive BARF 3kg

Loaded with skin-nourishing and anti-inflammatory goodness, this diet had been formulated to help address skin problems from the inside out and help dogs with itchy, sore, irritated and inflamed skin, get back to their optimal state of health as quickly and naturally as possible.

Big Dog Sensitive Skin raw food diet contains excellent sources of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids from whole salmon and sardines. Anti-inflammatory ingredients join these in the form of cold pressed coconut oil and turmeric. These ingredients are responsible for promoting healthy skin, a healthy soft and shiny coat and a stronger immune system, all working together towards healing and reducing the likelihood of future skin issues. This unique recipe is also perfect for dogs with arthritis who need anti-inflammatory dietary support to help manage this condition.

As with all Big Dog recipes, to this combination, nutrient-dense and phytochemical-rich fruits and vegetables are added. All topped off with our special extra ingredients, including ginger, garlic, flaxseed, whole eggs, kelp, wheatgrass, probiotics and prebiotics.

*Big Dog Sensitive Skin is Complete and Balanced by AAFCO standards for healthy growth in puppies and maintaining health in adult dogs.


Key benefits

Provides convenient dietary
Highly digestible with a blend of vegetables and fruit
Low allergen and anti-inflammatory flavor
Good diet for dogs with skin health and arthritis
Improve immune system; Suitable for senior dogsNo artificial nasties or fillers

About the range: scientific range

Big Dog’s Scientific Diets are species appropriate, raw food diets specifically designed for the health needs of dogs who are aging or need a little extra TLC through diet to support specific health conditions. This range follows the tried and trusted Big Dog philosophy of mixed protein diets for variety and maximum nutrition for pets, who need it most.

Tasmanian salmon, Turkey (meat, crushed bone & cartilage), Pork (meat, crushed bone & cartilage), seasonal fruit & vegetables (apple, green bananas, carrots, lettuce, green beans,celery, broccoli, orange, strawberries, blueberries), Lamb (heart, lung, liver, kidney, trachea), Goat (heart, liver, lung, kidney, trachea), sprouted wheatgrass, nettle and dandelion tea,
cold pressed ground flaxseed, goats whey, psyllium, kelp, turmeric, organic fulvic acid.

*Available in 3kg pack with 12 x 250g individual patties.


Nutrition Analysis:
Protein: 12.5%; Fat: 13%; Fibre: <1%; Carbohydrates: 1%; Calcium: 0.4%; Phosphorus: 0.3%; Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio: 1:0.8; Moisture: 71%; Ash: 3%; Omega 3 (g/100g): 0.78g; Omega 6:3 ratio: 2:1; Energy: 690 kJ/100g; Energy: 1725 kJ/250g


Puppies & Agility dog: 3% to 4% of the dog’s weight
Normal & Senior dog: 2% of the dog’s weight



Keep frozen
Be sure to keep raw food portions frozen until ready for thawing.


Defrost properly

Place required portions of frozen raw food in the fridge and allow time for defrosting. If required sooner, place in hot water to thaw but not cook.


Storage and safety

Keep thawed patties in the fridge for no longer than 48 hours and do not cook as our recipes contain bone.


Wash well

Thoroughly wash all utensils, work areas and hands with warm soapy water after contacting raw food



Make sure someone’s home to receive them or you could leave a cooler box outside for us to place it in


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