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Nov 24,2022 | Petronize

PETRONIZE – Online Pet store with professional pet care knowledge and a groomer myself.

With more than 6 years of experience as a groomer, I have demonstrated proficiency and knowledge in my professional of all-breed.

We understand that it can be difficult to find a groomer that is right for both you and pet. At Petronize, glass panel encasing the grooming room enable customers to better understand the grooming process. We cater various types of treatment to comprehend each grooming session such as

1) Mandra Mor Canine Mud SPA
MANDRA MOR MUD is blended the finest, medicinal clays, that ABsorb (impurities, smells, toxins) & ADsorb (nourish with vital minerals) with soothing aloe vera, and hydrating omega oils. Madra Mor mud supplies essential minerals that detoxify the skin by exchanging themselves for undesirable smells, impurities, and toxins that create problem skin with vital minerals and hydrating omega oils. Skin shed tens of thousands of dead cells a minute. Dead cells trap dirt, sebum, & impurities that encourage bacteria and dermatitis conditions.

Nourish, strengthen, and encourage healthy cell regeneration with a hydrating Madra Mór mud bath treatment. Cleanse, protect and rejuvenate with nutrient rich mud and omega oils.

* pawHighest level of Silica- Healthy Cell Regeneration-major building block in the production of collagen. Collagen the major structural protein in skin and fur.
* pawMagnesium – Healthy Cell Regeneration- major nutrient for cell energy, supports cellular immunity and has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects.
* paw Calcium – Healthy cell regeneration and protects oil barrier.
* pawZinc- One of the premier skin nutrients and helps the immune system fight off bacteria & viruses.

Natural and Organic Mud Bath Treatments To Feed & Hydrate The Skin

Animals instinctively seek Mud therapy to heal their aliments. Galen, the Greek Physician and Philosopher was the first to record the use of clay on sick and injured animals.
Clay when moistened with water makes Mud. Naturally absorbent and extremely gentle on the system; cleansing, detoxifying and healing with mud is as old as man-kind. Many people maintain health with therapeutic mud baths at resorts and spas.
Mud therapy restores and rejuvenates the body; enhancing circulation and boosting nutrients. Madra Mor muds uses these same principles conveniently and luxuriously blended together with mother nature’s finest ingredients to achieve results that

Cleanse, Protect & Rejuvenate Canine Dry Skin Remedies by Madra Mór

Natural and Organic Mud Bath Treatments To Feed & Hydrate your dogs skin with essential nutrients & essential fatty acids.

2) Microbubble SPA
Microbubbles smaller than the size of the skin pores not only provides deep cleansing but also delivers more oxygen, negatives ions and produces ultrasonic waves, working together to heal and help create healthier skin

3) TCM Herbal Bath Oriental Flower Therapy
* A natural antiseptic/astrigent limiting bacterial & fungal growth
* Deep cleansing properties to remove impurities deep beyond the skin’s surface

Petronize strongly believes that grooming should be carried out absolutely cruelty-free and should be a pleasant experience for everyone.

We also provide day-care and boarding at affordable price.